Fire-LiteĀ® Alarms, Inc.

Fire-Lite Alarms is part of the Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions business group, a global leader in providing product and service solutions that improve efficiency and profitability, support regulatory compliance, and maintain safe, comfortable environments in homes, buildings and industry.

Founded in 1952, Fire-Lite was the first company to introduce addressable fire alarm systems to the market. Today, Fire-Lite manufactures low-to-mid sized fire alarm control communicators, remote power supplies, annunciators and voice evacuation products.

Premium Fire & Security is proud to offer the following Fire-Lite products:

  • Addressable Fire Alarm Control (PDF Datasheets)
    • MS-25, 25 point intelligent control
    • MS-9050UD, 50 point intelligent control
    • MS-9200UDLS, 198 point intelligent control
    • MS-9200LS, 636 point intelligent control, with optional DACT
    • MS-9200UDLS, 636 point intelligent control, with built-in DACT